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Friends of Fort Sanders

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Friends of Fort Sanders has been on a leave of absense. The information on these pages is most likely out of date and will be updated over time. Feel free to snoop around.

New Contact information is:

Please send any questions or comments to this email address until furthur notice.

If you landed on this page after visiting please let me know. I have this domain name and would like to help publicize the new park and Agee's history.


Here is the t-shirt design for Friends of Fort Sanders. Let us know what you think. We should have them near the end of July/ early August.
Designed by Johnathan Fuller

Purpose of Friends of the Fort

To improve the Fort Sanders neighborhood, to make it a cleaner, greener, and better place to live, work, and play. To give residents to chance to make a sustainable difference in their community.

Programs of Friends of the Fort

Community Clean-Up
Pole Patrol
ZERO and ONE club
Litter Free Events

See the Program page for more details